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  • Asia is the world's largest continent.
  • There are almost 4 billion people living in Asia - more than on any other continent!
  • Since Asia is such a big continent, it has many different climates. In the southern part of Asia, the climate is tropical.  In the north, it can get very cold and icy.  In central Asia, the climate can be dry and desert-like.
  • There are 48 countries in Asia.  Some Asian countries include India, Japan, Afghanistan, and Malaysia.  Click here for a full list of Asian countries.
  • About 2,197 languages are spoken in Asia.  The most widely spoken languages in Asia are Japanese, Hindi and Mandarin.  For a list of languages spoken in each Asian country, click here.

What are some interesting places in Asia?

Here is a photo gallery of some famous landmarks in Asia! (Click images to view in full size)

Which Animals are Native to asia?

Asia is a very diverse continent with many different kinds of animals.  Browse through the photo gallery to learn about Asian animals!